Kitchen God Gift Set
Kitchen God Gift Set
Kitchen God Gift Set
Kitchen God Gift Set

Kitchen God Gift Set

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What's in the box:

Gift Set A

  1. Eurasian Heritage Book x 1
  2. Quentin's Vindaloo Premix x 1
  3. Quentin's Feng Premix x 1
  4. Quentin's Mulligatawny Premix x 1
  5. Mother's day card 

Gift Set B

  1. Quentin's Vindaloo Premix x 1
  2. Quentin's Feng Premix x 1
  3. Quentin's Mulligatawny Premix x 1
  4. Sugee Cake Loaf (Plain) x 1
  5. Sugee Cake Loaf (with marzipan and icing) x 1
  6. Ginkli Nona Glass x 1
  7. Mother's day card 

    Why choose us?

    Quentin's Singapore

    The fusion between Portuguese recipes with Malaysian and Indian spices is as unique as it is exciting.  We are happy to be your tour guide through the diverse landscape of these most savoury dishes, promoting and preserving Eurasian culture through our delicious and hearty dishes.

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    A real quiet & quaint area...We loved it!!!

    This was to be a reward dinner for our team and rewarded we were from the yummy dishes of Quentins.
    We all never had Eurasian food before but, oh was really good!!!
    Most of us love the oxtail Devil's curry...while the Black ink squid, Singing Serani & Kristang filled our tummies delightlfully :)
    Special mention to the server, a really cheerful Indian lady, who ensured what we wanted and needed are attended to :)
    That included finding a last piece Sugee cake for us all to try...many thanks!!!

    This a great place to eat with families or even business associates...the live band outside will ensure the mood is set in place...


    Food & music for the Soul

    My wife and I have been patronising Quentin's for years. Inevitable this is our number one choice when it comes to couple-only dining away from our children especially during special occasions like anniversaries and Valentine's Day. Just like our very first experience, the mouth-watering Eurasian fare continues in the excellent tradition.
    An added bonus is the nostalgic music provided by the resident band 'The Music Men' (Thu - Sun).
    Food and Music to nourish the soul and lead it on a dance.



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