Historical background of Eurasians in Singapore

The term Eurasian, coined from the marriage of two worlds.  European and Asian, literally means a person born of a union between a European and an Asian and the subsequent offspring of that first mixed blood.  The European surname is generally a characteristic of a Eurasian.

Many Eurasians in Singapore can trace their roots to the sixteenth century when Portugal established a colony in Malacca.  Catholic missionaries, most notable being St.  Francis Xavier, helped to spread the religious faith in the colony.  Before long, the marriage between Portuguese men and local women led to a thriving Eurasian community.

Later when the dutch, followed by the British, arrived in Malacca, the Eurasian community expanded further.  Today, Eurasians in Singapore have a multi-ethnic heritage which is reflected in their customs and traditions.

Eurasian Cuisine

Eurasian cuisine is a glorious mix of Asian and European flavours.  The blends are rich in variety ranging from fiery hot chilli-mustard-vinegar flavoured curry to a mild cinnamon-garlic-onion flavoured stew.

Eurasian Food is an exotic blend of East and West.  Eurasians have spiced up much of their food with both fresh and dried chillies, and given many of their dishes a typical piquancy by adding tamarind or vinegar.

Eurasians take great pride in preparing their distinctive dishes for extended family gatherings and festive occasions.  Different family recipes for a dish will have slights variations and each one is considered special.